Mentice: accelerating growth through innovation with €1M in public funding


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Mentice accelerate their growth through innovation with €1M in public funding over two years

Mentice is on a mission to innovate and develop products that make the simulation experience go beyond realism and offer the most effective and stimulating simulations. By training in simulators, medical staff will reduce errors and save more lives. The business is driven by moving the frontier of virtual reality forward and their highly advanced technology is based on over ten years of research.

“The collaboration with Excedea has opened new opportunities for us. The resources from Eurostars have helped us accelerate our R&D and our inhouse development.  Since we had previously worked together with Excedea, we could hit the ground running with little time spent on Mentice’s side to get a very successful outcome,” says Henrik Storm, CTO at Mentice.

Within the Eurostars project, Mentice is collaborating with a global producer of simulators to develop a simulator that can be used to simulate the entire emergency chain, including the handover of patient information between emergency teams. The new product is unique and the first to the market, and will allow Mentice to reach a substantially larger customer base.

Mentice has previously collaborated with Excedea to win an innovation grant of €500 000 from the Swedish funding program “Innovationsprojekt i företag”. In this program, Mentice is developing a much-needed solution to train doctors to perform a novel technique for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. One of the key factors for Mentice success in winning public funding is the collaboration with Excedea at an early stage.

“The support from Excedea resulting in these two projects will help in an accelerated expansion for Mentice. Excedea’s knowledge and experience in public funding helped us win the maximum amount twice in fierce competition with other innovations”, says Göran Malmberg, Group CEO and President at Mentice.

Excedea is a market leading expert in EU funding for innovation and international growth. Since 2007 Excedea has produced more than 300 winning applications of EU funding. Excedea’s clients are achieving more business development goals to a lower level of risk, than competitors.

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